Car Wash Services

Mighty's 1 Stop Auto Complex is Jamaica’s best full service soft cloth car wash offering complete interior and exterior auto cleaning and detailing. At Mighty's 1 Stop Auto Complex we value your business and the relationship we have with you, our customer.  Our facility features an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art Soft Cloth exterior washing process that is great for your car and for the environment.

Come check out Mighty's 1 Stop Auto Complex, today! We have an exterior package to meet everyone’s needs and most importantly we can get you in and out in a flash. The express lane separates the full service customers from the exterior customers, with practically no wait time, and you have the choice of either staying in your car or getting out if you need visit our onsite restaurant for refreshments.

Restore your car’s luster with professional auto detailing at Mighty's 1 Stop Auto Complex. We have packages set up for every level of care your car requires, from interior cleaning and detailing to exterior hand clay bar, waxing, and buffing. All done in an environmentally conscious, state-of-the-art facility by auto detailing pros.



  • Exterior wash
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior windows
  • Dashboard and console wipe-down
  • Thorough hand dry
  • Tire and Rims Wash
  • Tire Shine

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